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The past twenty to thirty years have seen a paradigm shift in the attitudes of the business commune toward sustainability as a whole. And arguably the most pronounced of these views are on the business model of the organization operating on a sustainable basis. A sustainable business model incorporates a company working along the entirety of its value chain to ensure to as great a degree as possible, that the environment is not adversely affected. The effort must start from its suppliers and its raw material sources move onward to its processes and even its outbound logistics.

Thus using more sustainable raw materials and products from environmentally conscious suppliers are a vital part of working towards a sustainable business model. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, companies can integrate these efforts into their overall CSR effort-an invaluable part of a company profile. Further benefits include more ‘carbon credits’ on its eco balance sheet (the creation of an eco balance sheet has become an increasingly common practice amongst many large companies) in its march towards a zero carbon footprint.

Paper is one of the most widely used corporate materials, and one of the more polluting of these. Up till recent times, scant attention has been paid to the sources of the paper being used and the processes used to manufacture it. Felling of large tracts of forest for paper mills and the disposed waste paper of companies piling up in landfills both have a detrimental effect on the environment. This has led to many firms paying closer attention to the sources of the materials used in their operations.

Thus, using paper manufactured from recycling waste materials have started to make increasingly good business sense for a forward looking corporate. On one hand suppliers offer world class paper products from sustainable sources at very competitive prices and the myriad benefits of a sustainable business model can also be realized by the companies. New legislation and requirements of government can be met wit greater ease and the social profile of the company can be raised-while maintaining operations at the existing quality levels.

Eco Paper Asia is a small scale recycled paper and associated product manufacturer based in Sri Lanka. The principle raw materials used are waste paper from business organizations and other waste products such as banana leaves. The fully equipped factory employs turns out paper for both corporate and retail customers. From A4 sheets to Floral Papers, Decorative Paper, Embossed Paper, Plain Cotton Colour Papers, and Banana Paper made to industry standards. We operate on a fair trade basis and look to partner with other firms operating towards a sustainable operation seeking more eco friendly and sustainable sources of quality office stationery.

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Eco Paper Types

Banana, Hemp Paper, Coffee Paper, Lemon Paper, Mango Paper, Sugar Paper, Cigar Paper

Other Eco Products

Journals, Paper Reams, Cover Stock, Art & Sketch Pads, Envelopes, Gifts & Stationery, Office Supplies

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