Eco Paper Asia is an organization operating with a fully environmentally friendly business model based in the villages of the town of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka, catering to a large clientele of retail and corporate customers who place sustainability as priority in their everyday lives and the business models used to run their organizations. We produce a comprehensive range world class paper based items from A4 paper to floral paper at competitive prices for both local consumption and international markets.

Our Raw materials-

One of our main sources of raw materials is paper based waste from leading organizations across Sri Lanka. Further, we use waste paper board, cotton waste, fruit and vegetable fibres,etc as our base materials for processing into paper. This is a viable alternative to the more detrimental process of using fresh wood pulp as the raw material. This enables our customers to score on their ‘eco balance sheets’.

Our Process-

At inception we had a cottage industry model, assisting between ten and fifteen families in the areas of Moratuwa and Panadura in Sri Lanka. As we have grown, we have moved our operations to a fully equipped handmade paper factory with over thirty local full time employees based in Moratuwa. All labour used in our operations are fully trained in operations and safety and we operate on a ‘fair trade’ model where our employees remuneration schemes are fair to maintain a standard of life. Our process is thus geared to producing paper of the identical (if not better) quality as with fresh wood pulp for all your requirements.

Our Products-

We carry Standard Product Lines for all business requirements of sustainable minded organizations and even the likes of Floral Papers, Decorative Paper, Embossed Paper, Plain Cotton Colour Papers, and Banana Paper, made to world class standards for the retail market. Custom made paper for your organizational needs can be negotiated with us.

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Eco Paper Types

Banana, Hemp Paper, Coffee Paper, Lemon Paper, Mango Paper, Sugar Paper, Cigar Paper

Other Eco Products

Journals, Paper Reams, Cover Stock, Art & Sketch Pads, Envelopes, Gifts & Stationery, Office Supplies

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