Eco Paper Asia produces a comprehensive range of world class paper at competitive prices for both local consumption and international markets. We provide several types of eco paper for all your needs. Instead of just using simple recycled paper, we provide eco paper that is made of natural fibres that would otherwise go into the waste system.

Eco papers are produced from fibres that are left over after the processing of certain fruits and vegetables. The fibres form a paper that is highly distinctive and texture, which is more visually and tactilely attractive, compared to normal paper made from pulp. These papers can come in various colours and embellishments, adding to their beauty and uniqueness.

Using such an unusual material for brochure printing can be really eye catching to consumers and opens up the door for very creative marketing that sticks with customers. This means that you will not have to rely on colour printing to grab consumers’ attention – the natural texture of the paper itself will be appealing. Paper made from natural fibres is also suitable for a wide range of craft uses or as writing paper.

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Eco Paper Types

Banana, Hemp Paper, Coffee Paper, Lemon Paper, Mango Paper, Sugar Paper, Cigar Paper

Other Eco Products

Journals, Paper Reams, Cover Stock, Art & Sketch Pads, Envelopes, Gifts & Stationery, Office Supplies

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